Your HP3000 with lifetime unlimited

Dear HP3000 Administrator,

You are using HP3000 computer because you like the reliability of the system. You want to protect your investment and continue to use it. We are your partner for emulation and virtualization of the HP3000 without any change of application and organization. Give your HP3000 a new unlimited future!

End of Life or New Life Unlimited

Your Situation

The HP3000's total cost of ownership increases continuously as well as  the risk of a prolonged failure as a result of aging. Since the original HP3000 has reached end of life, because production has been closed for quite some time, it's getting more difficult to find spareparts. No R&D invested by HP to allow use of new technologies (SSD's or NVME's).

Ristsoft ist your partner for emulation processes - giving a fresh life to your HP3000!

Our Proposal

Virtualize the HP3000 without having to touch any of the existing HP3000 applications using  the latest hardware technologies. For example, The use of new Intel x64 CPU's, fast memory and current SSD's or NVME's is a risc free and cost-effective basis to run your HP3000 systems. It gives you a faster machine than the original!

Charon-PAR: The Virtual HP3000

Charon-PAR (PA_RISC) is a software that creates a virtual HP3000 system using  MPE/iX 7.5 with Powerpatch 5. This is done on a standard Intel x64 server running one of two supported Linux distributions: Red Hat 7.x and CentOS 7.x or

under VMware running one of the two supported Linux distributions as a guest OS.

With the Charon-PAR software, you can savely port your HP3000 to new hardware based on latest technology and an Intel x64 CPU. Stromasys' software enables third party applications and user-developed software to run without any modification.

HP3000 Legacy Computers are virtualized with latest hardware technology available - in a real production environment or for archival purposes.

Get back to the original reliability or even better and avoid with it any inconvenience caused by a hardware or system failure. Give your system an unlimited new future.

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Virtualize Your HP3000 Computer right now.

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